Dean of philological faculty

Dean of philological faculty

Sadirova Kulzat Kaniyevna

Title: Dean of philological faculty

Academic degree and title: Doctor of philology, docent

Academic degree: Professor

Phone: +7 (771) 122-07-68


Address: Aktobe, 7A Grishina Street, Dean of Philological Faculty Room №310


Doctor of Philology, Docent, Professor of ARGU named after K. Zhubanov, Dean of Philological Faculty,  the holder of the title “The best teacher of university – 2012”.

The basic direction of scientific activity

Kazakh linguistics, syntax of Kazakh language, discourse.


In 1984-1989 she studied at school department of Aktyubinsk Pedagogical College, graduating with honors.

In 1989-1993 she studied and graduated with honors from Aktyubinsk State Pedagogical Institute named after K. Zhubanov on the specialty “Kazakh Language and Literature”. In 1994-1996 she worked at candidate’s dissertation on the theme of «Multicomponent compound sentences in Kazakh language” on specialty 10.02.02 – Kazakh language at Linguistics Institute named after A. Baytursynova NAS under the leadership of Professor K. M. Esenova, who successfully defended on March 30, 1997. Since October 17, 2003 awarded the academic title of Docent, since November 18, 2007 – title of professor of ARGU. On January 16, 2009 she defended her doctoral dissertation on the theme of “Fundamentals structure of multi-disciplinary discourse in modern Kazakh language”. Scientific adviser was Professor Zh.A.Mankeeva.

Work experience

During 25 years of work at Aktobe Regional State University named after K. Zhubanov, who survived the reorganization period, 7 years as a teacher and a senior teacher of Kazakh language department, for 13 years she served as the head of Kazakh language department, for 5 years she was the acting dean and the dean of faculty. At today’s, Dean of Philological Faculty.

Research activities

Scientific and educational experience – 25 years. The author of more than 130 scientific, scientific-methodological, educational and methodical works in the scientific and pedagogical work. The seventh of them – teaching aids (3- with the stamp of RUMS MES RK), 3 monographs (one of them – co-authored), 1 electronic textbook, 2 scientific articles in Scopus journal, 2 articles published in Thomson Reuters.

International cooperation with a view to the establishment of scientific information and professional development, in 2011-2014, for the exchange of experience on Nigde Turkey University, the Xinjiang University of Economics and Finance in Urumqi, Ilisk Pedagogical Institute of the PRC, Perm Polytechnic University of Russian Federation, and Bashkir State University named after M. Akmully Republic of Bashkortostan RF. From universities in Bashkir State University, she taught  a course on the theme of ” Ethnic and cultural character of Kazakh-Bashkir phraseology ” is taken the exam for students of Bashkir Philological Faculty. And she was giving a lecture to students on the specialty “Kazakh Language and Literature” on the theme of  “Study the syntax of Turkic languages “in Ilisk Pedagogical Institute. In this educational institution organized a dialectal practice for students on the specialty “Kazakh Language and Literature” in Aktobe Regional State University named after K. Zhubanov.


Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs
Deputy dean for educational work