Congratulations to the winners of the international distance Olympiad!

From April 28 to may 13, 2020, BashSU hosted the international distance Olympiad in foreign languages (English, German, French) among students of non-linguistic Humanities, organized by the Department of foreign languages of the Humanities faculties (faculty of Philology).

The Olympiad was held in order to motivate students to professionally-oriented study of foreign languages, improve literacy and proficiency in foreign language norms, and expand inter-University cooperation.

3-year students of the specialty of Kazakh language and literature Amirgali Zhanar  аnd Kuangalieva Tolganay were awarded with diplomas in the framework of The international distance Olympiad in foreign languages (English) among students of non-linguistic Humanities for high personal results. Scientific supervisor – doctor of  Philology, Professor Sabira Sagynbekovna Issakova.

Congratulations Zhanar Amirali and Tolganai Kuangalieva  achievements and wish them further success!