6В02305 – Philology: Russian Philology

Speciality code, name of the speciality

6В02305 – “Philology: Russian Philology; journalism; documentation in Russian and Chinese”.


In December 2018, based on the results examination of the External Expert Commission, the specialty passed specialized accreditation and was accredited by the Decision of the Accreditation Council of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan for a period of 5 years (05.04.2019 – 04.04.2024, Registration No. АВ2170, Issue date – April 5, 2019)

Form of training, terms:

Day time – 4 years

Awarded degree:

Bachelor of Humanities in specialty 5B020500- “Philology”.

Sphere of professional activity:

  • educational institutions;
  • scientific research institutes, institutions;
  • administration in the field of education;
  • intercultural communication;
  • mass media;
  • publishing;
  • public service, etc.

Objects of professional activity:

  • medium (including gymnasiums, lyceums) and secondary professional (colleges) educational institutions;
  • research organizations;
  • editorial offices of newspapers, magazines, radio and television; – publishing houses;
  • controls;
  • advertising agencies.
  • institutions that need translators and referents, etc.

Subjects of professional activity:

  • Russian language in synchronic-diachronic, sociolinguistic aspects;
  • Russian, world literature.

Types of professional activity:

  • experimental research – as a research teacher, and also as an employee of various funds and projects;
  • organizational and managerial – as the head of various levels in state and non-governmental organizations;
  • editorial – as editor of publishing houses;
  • a narrative – as a media worker;
  • documentary in Kazakh, Russian, English languages.

Practical bases:

  • JSC “Republican Scientific and Technical Library”, Aktobe.
  • CNPC-Aktobemunaigas