Republic scientific methodological online seminar on the theme “Studying and evaluating of teaching on renewed educational program” was held by Theoretical and Applied Linguistics department (head of Department-B.S.Karagulova)  of the Philological faculty. Many professors from different universities of our country took active part in it: Ermekova T.N., Doctor of Philological Sciences, professor and Otarbekova Zh.K., Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor of Kazakh National Women’s Teacher Training University; Bakbergenova R.K.,Senior Lecturer of Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University; I.S.Sultaniyazova, PhD, Akbulatov A.A., PhD, Senior Lecturer and Head of Department “Kazakh Philology”, and Turganalieva G.G,Senior Lecturer, M.A. of Mahambet Utemisov West Kazakhstan state university ; Isina Zh.A., Candidate of Philological Sciences,  Head of Department “Kazakh literature and language” at Aktobe University named after Bayishev, and Methodists, teaching staff of university. About 60 participants took part in seminar and discussed the themes through Zoom.

During the seminar there were many reports on the following themes: “The types of tasks” (Sadirova K.), “The role of criteria-based assessment in the development of educational cognitive work” (Kurmanova B.), “The efficiency of testing through QS” (Otarbekova Zh.), “The effective methods used in renewed educational programs” (Isina Zh.), “Formative assessment in the system of renewed educational content”(Kushkimbaeva A.), “The experiment of problem teaching” (Esenova G.), “Formation and automation of syntax rules”(Bekniyazova D.). The work of the republic online seminar was interested by participants, and they offered to continue such seminars in “travelling” form.