6B01705 – Kazakh, Russian languages and literature

Specialty code, name of the specialty

6B01705 –Kazakh, Russian languages and literature


Form of training, terms:

Day time – 4 years

Awarded degree:

6B01705–Bachelor of Arts in specialty of Kazakh, Russian languages and literature

Sphere of professional activity:

  • educational institutions;
  • scientific research institutes, institutions;
  • publishing, mass media.

Objects of professional activity:

  • Higher educational institutions;
  • medium (including gymnasiums, lyceums) and secondary professional (colleges) educational institutions;
  • research organizations;
  • editorial offices of newspapers, magazines, radio and television;  publishing houses.

Types of professional activity:

  • teacher of Kazakh, Russian languages and literature
  • experimental research;
  • document specialist;
  • editor,copy editor, etc.

Subjects of professional activity:

  • Phonetics and lexicology of modern Kazakh, Russian languages;
  • Morphology and problems of word formation in Kazakh, Russian languages;
  • Syntax of simple and complex sentences of modern Kazakh and Russian languages;
  • Interactive module technology of teaching Kazakh and Russian languages in other nationality schools.

Practical bases:

  • №21 school-gymnasium in three languages
  • №51 school-gymnasium
  • Secondary school №13