History of the Faculty

History of the Faculty

History of the Philological Faculty has its origins in 1966. The contribution to the development of the faculty was made by the deans working in different years Yermolin A.G., Kushner Yu.Z., Moldakhanov AM, Novoselova A.G., Kalyuzhny A.A., Afanasyev E.S., Kuspayeva R.B., Karashulakova M.Zh., Baiganina N.M., Pangereyev A.Sh., Bermaganbetov S.Zh., Aldashev N.M., Mukhtarov S.S. Sadirova K.K. Currently, at the moment the dean of the faculty is Doctor of Philology, Professor Shokym G.T.

Philological Faculty trains students in Russian and Kazakh languages ​​ majoring in 11 specialties of the bachelor’s degree and 5 specialty of master’s degree and 2 Doctoral study:

Bachelor’s degree:

  • 6В01701 – “Kazakh Language and Literature”;
  • 6В01702 – “Russian Language and Literature”;
  • 6В01704– “Russian Language and Literature in schools with non-Russian language of training”;
  • 6B02304 – «Philology: Kazakh philology»;
  • 5В020500– «Philology: Russian philology»;
  • 6B01705 – «Kazakh, Russian languages and literature»;
  • 6B02301 – «Digital linguistics»;
  • 6В01706 –“Foreign language: two foreign languages”;
  • 6В02302 – Interpreting and translation;
  • 6B01707 – English language and computer science
  • 6В02303 – “Foreign philology”.

Master’s degree (Magistracy):

  • 7М02304-“Philology”;
  • 7М02303- “Foreign philology”;
  • 7М01704 – “Russian Language and Literature in sсhools with non-Russian language of training”;
  • 7M01706– “Foreign language: two foreign languages”.
  • 7М02302 – Interpreting and translation.

Doctoral study:

  • 8D02304 -“Philology”
  • 8D02303 – “Foreign philology”.