Our graduates and their employment

Our graduates and their employment

S.M. Kaldagulova ,
secretary of the Regional Maslikhat

 A.T Sheriyazdanov,
Deputy Mayor of Aktobe region

Head of the press service of the regional Department of Justice

 Zh.U. Tolemisova,
correspondent of the TV and Radio Broadcasting Complex of the President of
the Republic of Kazakhstan

Zh.B Samuratova .,
responsible officer of the Ministry of Education and Science of
the Republic of Kazakhstan

T.B Berdimuratov ,
President of the Kazakh-Russian International University “NUR”

S.E Zhumanov ,
the Mayor of Shalkar city

 K.K. Aitbayev,
cultural worker of the RK

Zh.I. Sultan, head of the world Bank project “Modernization of education in Kazakhstan”.

S. A. Utegulova. Head of Applied Linguistics Department, Shaisultan Shayakhmetov National Scientific and Practical Center “Til-Kazyna

N. M. Zhanpeisova, Head of the international laboratory with distributed participation “Internationalization of educational space” of Aktobe University after S. Baishev.

A. M. Nurkeeva, editor of the regional socio-political newspaper “Aktobe Vestnik”.

S. P. Teneryadnova, associate Professor of foreign languages and the Russian State University of telecommunications after named Bonch-Bruevich(St. Petersburg, Russia)

S. T. Kuntleuova, head of Shalkar area of public service, a branch of the NAO “State Corporation “Government for citizens” in the Aktobe region.

Zh.U. Terekova, Director of the Kazakh secondary school № 30

72% of graduates of the faculty have a permanent place of work, 65% of them work in state institutions of Aktyubinsk, Kyzylorda, Atyrau, Mangistau, West Kazakhstan oblasts.

Among the graduates of our faculty there are many distinguished teachers and figures such as Moldasheva S. G., Kononets L.F., Iskarenova S. I., Orazalin O.S., candidates of science Iskindirova S. K., Kushkarova G., Sarbasova A. E., masters and heads of educational centers (Tkacheva D. – educational center “Crown”, Sarsenbayeva A. – training center “Moonlight”, etc.), teachers of Universities, such as Nazarbayev University (Mashtakova M, Danilova B.), Kazakh-German University (D. Matchanov) and Nazarbayev intellectual schools in Kazakhstan and singer Edilbaeva Indira, Mukatov Meyrbek – Head of the managing department, Ministry of Information and Communication of RK.

90% of graduates have a permanent job, among them 75% are working in companies and firms, schools of Aktobe, Kyzylorda, Atyrau, Mangistau, Western Kazakhstan region.

The majority of graduates are employed in training centers of Aktobe city as English teachers: Lingvo centre “Darina”, Training center “ISMA”, LLP “Dream Builders”, training center “BEST”, training center “Thinkvein”, LLP “International training”, Training centre “Interlingua”, etc. Many graduates of the faculty were employed in secondary schools as teachers of English: secondary school No. 19, school № 51, school № 61, school № 20, school №25, school № 5, school №17. Some graduates of the faculty are invited to work as teachers of English in the colleges of the city: Aktobe Cooperative College, Aktobe Road College. In addition, our graduates are employed as interpreters in companies such as “Agip KCO”, “Karachaganak petroleum operating B. V.”, LLP “TengizChevroil”, LLP “Oiltechnogroup”, LLP “Firm Ada oil”, translation agencies “Mankent”, “Intense Pro”, etc.